Sandra Corowa – State Transport Manager (QLD), Woolworths

//Sandra Corowa – State Transport Manager (QLD), Woolworths

Sandra Corowa

State Transport Manager (QLD), Woolworths 

Sandra Corowa is the Transport Manager for Woolworths Supply Chain in Queensland, controlling transport for all of ​Queensland and Northern New South Wales. Sandra’s team are responsible for freight planning and all of the day to day transport​ operations in the State. She is directly in charge of 22 people and the scope of her budget is almost $167 million.

​​Sandra never planned on working in supply chain and logistics, instead she studied a Bachelor of Modern Asian Studies. She aspired to teach English to students in Asia. But like most university students, Sandra needed somewhere to work in the meantime. A student employment officer pointed her in the direction of the local Woolworths distribution centre where she gained a position picking and packing boxes.

Sandra doesn’t consider​ herself as ambitious but whenever opportunities presented themselves she accepted them. This allowed her to move around the Woolworths distribution centre and learn a broad range of skills across many areas. While Sandra was on maternity leave, the distribution centre she worked at transitioned to a new location.  The move wasn’t as smooth as Woolworths expected and an opportunity ​to run Despatch at the old location ​came up, a role which Sandra was happy to do.

Eventually Sandra moved to the new ​distribution centre at Larapinta, Brisbane and was asked what area she would like to work in. Sandra chose to join the Transport team which has led to her current position as the State Transport Manager. Like many companies in Queensland, Sandra has had to deal with the tumultuous weather that can sometimes hit the S​tate. In her time at Woolworths she has dealt with major weather events such as cyclones and flooding, finding ways around road and rail closures ​to get much needed food and critical items like baby formula & water to affected ​towns and communities. But this has never deterred her from supply chain. In fact, it is one of the reasons she loves it. Sandra enjoys the dynamic nature of supply chain and the fact that each day brings new challenges.