Wayfinder’s Supply Chain Awareness Course

Learn how to take your skills to the next level in supply chain

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Course Outline

The Supply Chain Awareness Course has been designed to be informative, engaging and interactive. It covers the most important supply chain concepts and presents key ideas that will help you understand what this field is all about.

This online self-paced course is designed to assist you in better understanding the fundamental characteristics of supply chains and how important that are in our modern lives.  To give you some insight into what a career in supply chain might look like and the wealth of current and future career opportunities available within the sector and how you might transition to a new and exciting career in the supply chain.

Course Outcomes

By the end of this course, you will have gained a solid understanding of the key concepts and developments in supply chain management, and why they matter for businesses and society.

You will also learn about the transferable skills that can pave the way to exciting career opportunities and advancement pathways in this crucial and growing sector.

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